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Agastya Elementary (Grade I to V)


Agastya Elementary (Grade I to V)

Children master fundamental skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) through joyful activities that are designed based on the developmental needs of the growing child. All subjects are introduced in an age appropriate manner. The curriculum balances academic subjects with artistic activities

 The curriculum is carefully designed by mapping the academic concepts required to be taught at a particular age with the Waldorf age consciousness. All the learning is experiential that involves the whole body of the child, through head, heart and hand activities at balance. The students record their learning in their MLBs (Main Lesson Book) and that becomes a part of their childhood treasure trove. Their experiences and expressions are developed through speech and drama, chalkboard drawings, gardening, form drawing, painting, hand work (Knitting, crochet), and wet on wet paintings. 

Recorder playing is an integral part of elementary school as this regulates the child’s breathing and helps them balance the heart and hands.
Skill sheets are provided additionally to supplement learning. Bothmer gymnastics plays an integral part in bringing balance and body awareness . Children are encouraged to make connections between academics, art and nature, in a way that cultivates their innate curiosity and deepens their appreciation for the world around them.


A non-competitive atmosphere is nurtured in the classroom and the students are encouraged to help each other in the learning process. The class teacher travels with the children through the years and plays a vital role in the primary years of the child’s life. The relationship between the teacher and the child deepens year after year that provides a joyful and a meaningful learning experience for each child.

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