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Grades 6 - 10

"All birds find shelter during rain. But Eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common but attitude makes the difference. "

-APJ Adbul Kalam


Grades 6 - 10

Freedom with responsibility is the core philosophy we adopt in nurturing the growing adolescent. Activities are designed to nurture their intellectual capacity through problem-solving and creative thinking. Learning is not limited to the classroom. Through effective use of outdoor spaces like an herbal garden, pet parks, farming plots, etc. the students are actively engaged in hands-on learning. To help them connect with the real world, debates and discussions, face-to-face, virtual connect programs are conducted periodically. The teachers play the role of a guide and facilitator to provide a conducive classroom atmosphere for the young adult. They endeavor to build the confidence and capacity in the student to do their best at whatever they set their minds to do. Self-evaluation and peer evaluation are encouraged. Academic support & care is provided for students in need. To experience the world beyond the classroom, our extra-curricular programs are designed to develop independence, awareness and self-confidence.

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