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Childhood at Agastya

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

In our Kingdom of childhood,

We are the Mighty kings,

We are the Melody musicians,

We are the dazzling dancers,

We are the aesthetic artists,

We are the gentle gardeners,

We are the quality cooks!!

We ain't have a rule book,

As we are free as a brook...

In our garden of childhood,

We are the deep roots,

We are the wishing flowers,

We are the succulent fruits,

We are the seeds, we are the weeds,

We are the insects, we are the nectar,

We share our energies,

Help each other grow,

We grow and flow,

So that we slowly glow..!

In our Sky of childhood,

We are the golden sun,

We are the silvery moon,

We are the fluttering butterflies,

We are the fluffy birds,

We are the shining stars,

We are the puffy clouds...

We do change and bring the change,

We do fly high in the colossal sky.

For treasury is our childhood,

Innocent, trustful, curious,

Unaffected, natural, open,

Raw, childish, naive it is,

It's God's gift of a sweet kiss!!!

- Aparna Hari,

Waldorf Educator

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