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Significance of Teacher Training

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

In successful classroom management, students’ needs are at the heart of the teaching process. Effective classroom management strategies and skills are essential even for the most talented teachers: learning simply cannot occur alongside misbehavior and chaos.

Instruction flourishes upon leading a classroom environment that promotes a collaborative community, encouraging student voice, creativity, leadership, critical thinking, peer education to behavior, and effective teamwork. By taking part in training courses, teachers will learn how to include reflective moments and peer education in teaching practice to monitor and improve motivation and classroom behavior.

Significance of Teacher Training

At the end of each training, we can implement modern pro-active practices including the Flipped Classroom approach which we follow at our school and set up a classroom structure based on a positive, accepting, inclusive, motivated, engaging, and safe learning environment to improve classroom management and teaching skills and ease tasks in the classroom.

A good teacher knows the proper methods to teach and guide students in the right direction, as well as understanding the theoretical and conceptual knowledge of the subject they teach. Teachers are valuable assets of modern society and develop the future of the next generation. However, there is a well-documented shortage of quality teachers across educational institutions in the country. The best way to address this shortage is by having more teachers attending teacher training programs, to develop into capable teachers of the future.

Without proper teacher training, it can prove risky to experiment with the practical teaching methods in a real classroom environment, as the students may fail to properly grasp the concepts and fail to perform to their desired levels. A different approach may give a better learning experience as opposed to the one being used by the teacher at present.

Such different approaches to teaching a concept must be clearly understood by every teacher so that alternatives can be used when one is not able to produce the desired results. Through the adoption of correct procedures, we, as teachers, can gain students' confidence and help them learn more effectively.

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