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The Resilient and Unsung Legends

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

When educational institutions were shut at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, not many deemed it would change the entire ambiance of education. From schools to learning only with such devices at home was an unprecedented massive change that involved – teachers, students, and parents.

For the teachers, initially, the paradigm shifted from a physical classroom of energetic students to a virtual classroom, i.e.; from blackboard to the whiteboard was indeed a job of challenges and impediments. With a lamenting soul, they witnessed the challenges the unmerciful pandemic brought for their students, for themselves, and their jobs, but the resilient future designers were not ready to give up.

As the adage goes “Real change takes place in deep crisis”, facilitators realized, to pace in consonance with the virtual platform and to tackle new teaching challenges of the 21st century owing to the Wuhan virus they had to take an extra step out of their comfort zone.

The Teaching community became conscious of the fact that as the pandemic uncertainty and its aftermath are at the zenith; one has to be prowess and proficient in handling electronic gadgets efficiently and sinuously by honing their technical skills.

Facilitators who were proficient at planning and teaching in the traditional classroom lacked the confidence and skills in planning for an online class. Many anxieties resembling nightmare crept into their minds, like how to use the diverse features appropriately, ensuring effectiveness, how to keep the children attentive, and preventing students from disrupting the class, how to make sure students don’t tamper with the presentation, parents hovering around during class as they have access to the class and so on.

As far as a teacher is concerned, getting accustomed to new plata new and its features to teach effectively and ensure that all students are on track, were not at all easy. However, they knew it was not a herculean task, with their unwavering spirit and passion for teaching these warriors surpassed all the woes and impediments by creating a conducive atmosphere for the student's new on-track growth through an online class. Almost all of them became adroit tech-savvies in managing online platforms, screen sharing, handling whiteboard, conducting online tests clock and giving the fullest round the clock sacrif, the platforms icing their household chores and other commitments in the wake of students’ betterment.

Teachers reassured learners are on their tracks by regularly monitoring, keeping track of their progress, motivating, and maintaining a special connection with them within the constraints of the virtual platform.

The health and police departments’, christened as Covid warriors, fight against this deadly pandemic was commendable and praiseworthy. At the same time, the selfless and humble effort by the teaching community to serve the young ones under this direst stress facing all the challenges also deserves appreciation and admiration. They were all united for a noble cause, who tried to seek and to strive but were never ready to yield. These authentic warriors attained sublimity through the hallmarks called integrity, passion, and dedication. Hence they are indeed worthy enough to be honored and admired in more ways than one.

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