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Agastya Community


When the vision of Agastya campus was being conceptualized, the building of the Agastya Community was the most integral part of it. It is a space where people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives feel welcome and have aligned goals that aim towards building personal values and higher selves. We share the mind-set of sustainable living that breaks away from the traditional disciplinary silos by integrating ethics, entrepreneurship, natural farming and self-awareness within the dimensional context of Thinking, Feeling and Willing. Along with our educators and parents, we have some valuable community members who keep sharing their expertise with our team periodically.


Dr. Veera

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Dr Veera Panch, MBBS.DTM&H(UK), made a name for herself in the field of medicine across the globe collecting experience from the streets of UK to the villages of Vellore. Eventually following her heart, she moved towards Anthroposophy in 2005 and qualified herself as an Anthroposophical Physician. She holds a Rhythmic Massage Therapist Diploma from the UK and also belongs to the first cycle of the Three years Camphill Foundation Course from Bengaluru for Curative Education and Social Therapy.

Dr Veera continues to be a student of Rudolf Steiner and keeps reaching out to the nooks and corners of the society with the message of Anthroposophy.

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Dr. John Miller

John Miller has over 19 years of experience working with children along with their families. He is an ergo medicine practitioner, and is also a certified anthroposophical occupational therapist.

He is the founder of:

  • VIDHYANJALI, Chennai- Center for young and adults with special needs

  • INDRADHANU CURATIVE CENTER, Chennai- Center for children with special needs


His dedication towards the well-being and education of the society is evident in his talks and trainings.


Mr. Satish Desa

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Satish Desa is a passionate story teller and a Waldorf Teacher Trainer with many years of experience in Waldorf education with a focus on Early Childhood. A wanderer by nature, Satish has a specialization in Interaction Design certified by the University of California, San Diego. He is a home schooling parent and has a periodic association with Agastya teachers for Waldorf training.

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A true son of the soil, Arunachalam is a nationally acclaimed natural farmer who derived his inspiration from the green revolutionist, Nammalvar. He works with farmers from across India, spreading awareness and knowledge about natural farming. Presently, Arunachalam is a sought-after Natural Farming Consultant by various state governments of India.

He has been in natural farming for 24 years and has been conferred with numerous awards for Organic Farming, Agri Technology, Agri Teaching and Training, to name a few. He has also been awarded as the Green Man of Tamil Nadu for his unparalleled  contribution to natural farming.

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