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Managing Director


Mrs.Vidhya Chendhil

Managing Director’s Profile

Mrs.Vidhya Chendhil is a passionate educator with a deep understanding of the role of schools and teachers in the holistic development of the child. She believes that the school is another home for the child where not only the academic needs of the child are met, but also serves as a safe and nurturing place where the spiritual and holistic needs of the child are fulfilled. An academician at heart, her love for understanding how children learn and develop led Mrs.Vidhya Chendhil to pursue a B.Ed. and also a Masters in Psychotherapy and counselling.

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The world is moving at a fast pace and the need for a strong academic foundation is greater than ever. Her training as an Engineer (She graduated from PSG college of technology, with distinction in engineering in 1992), has helped her logically navigate the various teaching methodologies and pedagogies and choose a curriculum that is both relevant and enriching.

She has dedicated herself to the cause of education and believes in using education as a tool for advancement for the first and second generation learners in their family run trust school for over 25 years. As the president of Erode District women’s football association, she has helped students to achieve laurels at national and international level. She also periodically trains teachers in educational processes.

She believes in trusting the inherent goodness in people and leads by example. Her personal mission is to inspire people to lead better lives through sustainable living practices. In her free time, she enjoys reading, travelling, trekking, organic farming and writing.

Managing Director’s Message

At Agastya, we believe that, when a child is nurtured with care and respect, he grows up to become independent and compassionate and leads a purposeful life. The delivery of the school curriculum should stimulate the spirit of inquiry in the child and lead to learning. “How” we do a task is more important than “what” we do.

At Agastya, we strive to provide a conducive outer world, with a green campus, state-of-the-art sports facility and a team of dedicated teachers who help the children explore the world with passion. We nurture the soul life of the child through meditation, music, dance and art. Self-enquiry and inner exploration plays an integral part in our education system. We strongly believe that teachers and parents should lead by example and hence we provide periodic training for them as well.

Our Mothers Circle Meets and parent orientation programs play a pivotal role to align our parent community with our philosophy.

Academic Advisor


Dr. Sangeeta Gole

Academic Advisor’s Profile

Dr. Sangeeta Gole is a Ph.D. in Education (Enhancing Human Resource Practices in Schools) who is committed to life-long learning and continual research on ways and means to help transform schools into learning organizations.  She has served the education sector for the last 30 years in various capacities. Her work experience extends across different types of educational institutions and with government projects in Maharashtra under SSA and RMSA.  She is a validated facilitator for British Council’s Core Skills development programs and has conducted training all over India.


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Academic Advisor's Message

My journey as Advisor to Agastya Academy began in 2018-19.  I was invited by the Director, Mrs. Vidhya Chendhil to support the school to enhance its Quality and enrich the school’s learning environment. I began by studying the culture and climate of Agastya through my campus visits, classroom observations and interaction with the leaders and teachers.

I find students very respectful towards elders and are eager to learn and excel.  All their teachers are simple, down-to-earth individuals who want to do and be more!  The Director’s dreams for all children to live life successfully amidst nature and be happy humane citizens makes Agastya a very exciting school to work with.

My endeavor shall be towards preserving this culture of Care and transforming Agastya Academy into a Learning Organization. My advice to the Agastya family finds resonance with Dr. Abdul Kalam’s words “Thinking is the Capital, Enterprise the Way and Hard work the solution”

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