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At Agastya, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are weaved into the curriculum in an age appropriate manner.


Art & Craft

Agastyans are provided the space to discover themselves through art. The simple joy of creating builds their academic performance as well. Total freedom is provided to explore patterns and colors through different media. Arts are integral to creative problem solving and flexible innovative thinking.



Yoga develops body awareness in children and increases their positive self-image. It improves flexibility of the body, improves muscle coordination, increases mental strength & agility. Breathing exercises bring emotional balance to children.

Sports and games

Through compulsory sporting activities, we provide an opportunity for Agastyans to explore all games and develop basic skills. They also learn social skills and become better team players. Our state-of-the-art 400m semi Olympic  athletic track, Olympic size swimming pool, indoor shuttle court, hi-tech gym, and other facilities provide ample space for exploration.


Keyboard and Drums

Children have fun trying different rhythms through various musical instruments like Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Recorder, Ukulele, Violin, Tabla. It helps to improve their eye-hand coordination. Research indicates that drumming accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system. It also releases negative feelings, blockages, and emotional trauma.


For children, dance is an excellent cardiovascular activity that also builds their kinesthetic learning abilities. Zumba, classical, western dance are the various options for them to explore. Dance is meditation in the movement of a child!



Music is the soul of the Agastya campus. It starts with a recorder in the Waldorf section that brings a balance between the heart and hand. In the higher grades, students are introduced to both western and Indian classical music through online and offline experts. The students can choose between vocals and instrumental from both genres.


It is a martial art that is recognized as an Olympic sport. It develops the discipline of the body and mind, improves their self-confidence, agility, and reflexes. It also improves muscle tone and fitness and develops a better focus of mind.


Celebration of festivals

Celebrations are a community-building process where children are exposed to the essence of our rich traditions through stories, dance, traditional food, and group activities.

Celebrations of colors

In kindergarten, the young children celebrate “colors day” to get a feel of the colors. Handwork and painting are a part of all celebrations.


STEAM Curriculum

STEM Learning Program -  we offer  from class 3 to 11. It helps young students build empathy to the world around them through the Design Thinking Framework. As they work on interdisciplinary projects cutting across Math, Science, Social Studies and ICT, they connect classroom theory to solving of real-world problems. The end result is students equipped with 21 st Century Skills: Thinking Skills (Creative, Critical, Communication and Collaboration), Digital Literacies and Life Skills through Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Coding and Design Thinking.

Career Guidance

Career guidance is like a navigation system in the student’s life. We organize periodic career guidance sessions with experts from different walks of life. Career counseling helps students to identify their strengths and weakness, find a suitable career path, provide awareness about various entrance exams, college admission procedures, formalities for admissions abroad, etc.


Pet Park

It is a magical place for children. It is a place to unwind and it contributes to the child’s positive emotional development. Children grow up to be compassionate and responsible adults. We have Cows, Ducks etc in our farm. A place for children to experience unconditional love.


Pottery engages students with the sense of smell, sight, and touch. Working with clay improves their creativity and motor skills.


Eureka lab

This is a space to unravel the working of home appliances like water purifiers, electric heaters, fridges, etc. Students engage in learning about the working of gadgets used in daily life. The capacitors and resistors stay in their heads long after they have left the laboratory!


It improves memory, strategic thinking and problem solving skills. It improves concentration.


NEST Curriculum




A well-designed program involving natural farming, sustainable products, cookery and minimalism is beautifully integrated into daily learning. The students develop a sense of reverence and responsibility towards the resources that mother nature has given us. They also get motivated to move towards a more sustainable life.

Agastya Naturals

This is a student led school enterprise model, where sustainable products are manufactured in the school. The students learn about the benefits of the products and prepare them from scratch with the help of the support staff. This enterprise models the real world business model and forms the basis of the Entrepreneur’s Internship at the Senior Secondary level.

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Boarding Homes

At Agastya Academy we have boarding facilities from grade 4 for boys and girls. Boarding life at Agastya is like living in a happy family away from home. Students have a healthy Spartan routine which includes yoga, sports, farming, indoor games,etc., Cultural values are nurtured with strong scientific foundation. We have scheduled study hours with close monitoring by dorm parents. The dorm parents take care of their physical, mental and emotional health.

In the Lap of Nature

Nestled in the midst of nature, Agastya gives the opportunity to the students to connect with nature and imbibe the essence of natural living. Away from the pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city (100 kms from Coimbatore) this place is filled with peace and tranquillity. Agastyans grow up with pure air and organic food from the farm grounds of the school.



Mindfulness is the awareness that occurs when you focus on the present and on the purpose of what you are doing. Agastya is replete with spaces that bring about mindfulness among students and teachers. Every member of Agastya family practices mindfulness in every sphere of daily activity.

Experiential Learning

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 


With a firm belief in the above quote, the teaching-learning process at Agastya involves learning by doing at every step. The educators spend a lot of time researching and designing activities that provide hands-on learning and develop student autonomy.


Dynamic Classrooms

Our dynamic classrooms shift the focus away from the teacher and onto the students, naturally moving the emphasis from teaching to learning. In this type of classroom the teacher encourages students to become actively involved through group activities, discussions, presentations, peer teaching etc, in the process of learning. It’s an exciting place to be, with a real ‘buzz’ around learning.

Skill Based Learning

Equipping the students for the successful future, skill based learning is incorporated at the stage of lesson planning itself. Every lesson is focused around the development of the 21st century skills.


Agastya Quest

This is the signature event of Agastya, wherein the students lead the display of their innovations and ideations. The parents witness the creativity, communication and organisation skills of their little ones and feel proud of being a part of Agastya Community.

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