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Mud Building Block Workshop

Mud building Block Workshop

Agastya Academy witnessed an insightful 3-day Mud Building Block Workshop where 6th-grade students actively engaged in sustainable construction practices. Mentored by Ms. Meenakshi Umesh from Puvidham, the workshop taught about the significance of mud in building construction. The children learned about using local soil for mud building, ancient building techniques, the transition to cement and the reasons behind it, and the modern construction culture. Students actively participated in learning different soil characteristics, experimented with mud ball preparation, and identified the different layers of soil. They also had hands on training on practical skills including planning, space allocation, soil mixing, formulating hypothesis and even to create insect resistance for the buildings from green leaves and further engaged in activities such as brick-making using the suitable clay that they stomped and paddled to perfection. Meenakshi Mam also shared insights on composting, emphasizing its importance to school helpers. Overall, the workshop imparted an understanding of raising natural buildings and their positive environmental impact in the minds of our children.

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