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A Radiant Pongal Celebration at Agastya

Agastya Academy came alive with the memorable Pongal celebration. The sun painted the sky with bright hues, marking the commencement of our festivities. The lively energy of eager KG children, accompanied by our dedicated staff, set the tone. Together, everyone gathered around the tree house, establishing the stage for a day brimming with tradition and unity.

Pongal Celebration

The heart of our celebration began with the age-old tradition of preparing Pongal. The setting was meticulously arranged, with the surroundings swept clean. A big mud pot was placed on a carefully arranged tri-stone stove, awaiting the crackling flames of firewood, ensuring an authentic Pongal-making experience. Dressed in traditional attire, our little boys, sporting matching shirts and white vestis, added a colourful charm to the morning.

Chants of Joy

Pongal Celebration

The air soon filled with anticipation and laughter as the pot bubbled and foamed. The children's eyes sparkled with excitement as they gathered around in a circle. Soon, the pot drizzled foam, and a chorus of sweet voices filled the air, chanting 'pongalo pongal,' a ritual that awakened the spirit of Pongal through children’s voices.

Pongal Celebration

The speakers played rhythmic beats of traditional music, and the Pooja arrangements went smoothly. Next, everyone joined hands, creating intricate and colourful rangolis around the tree house.

Meaning of Pongal and More

Pongal Celebration

The Pongal celebration took a lively turn with the enchanting Kummi dance, a captivating display of cultural finesse. A young boy mesmerized the audience with staff spinning, adding a surprise to the traditional performance.

A serene Pooja took place, accompanied by the melodious voices of staff singing divine songs. The Tamil teacher took the stage, narrating the tale of Pongal and its significance, enlightening young minds about the essence of the Tamil harvest festival.

Mattu Pongal: Gratitude to Cows

Pongal Celebration

With care and devotion, the children adorned the sacred cows with vibrant Thiruneeru, Chandanam, and kunkumam, accompanying the celebration of Mattu Pongal. The offerings of Pooja were shared, and the cows were treated to a feast of bananas, a heartwarming gesture of gratitude.

Variety of Performances

Pongal Celebration
Pongal celebration

Amidst the joy, everyone gathered around the tree house to witness a variety of performances. The little ones from KG and Grade 1, full of innocence and energy, shared charming songs and poetry. Meanwhile, senior students displayed their skills through heartfelt songs, and the Fifth-grade children gave a captivating drama performance. The children also enjoyed playing "Uri Adithal" and had a great time.

A Day to be Remembered

As we wrapped up the day, it struck us that these school celebrations were more than just festive moments. They were a guided journey for our children, introducing them to traditions, joy, and a sense of togetherness. It's like planting seeds of understanding about our cultural heritage, making their education richer and more connected.

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1 Comment

Pavin K
Pavin K
Jan 19

We have learnt the values of traditions with great pleasure and joy....

Thanks for everyone who made us to understand and explore the culture of people of Tamil Nadu....

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