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Unique Features of Agastya

excellent activity school in Eurode
best activity school in Eurode
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NEST Curriculum




A well-designed program involving natural farming, sustainable products, cookery, and minimalism is beautifully integrated into daily learning. The students develop a sense of reverence and responsibility towards the resources that mother nature has given us. They also get motivated to move towards a more sustainable life.

STEAM Curriculum

As we firmly plant our feet on the ground, we also prepare our students for the future. A well-designed STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) curriculum helps young minds to ideate and create their designs and models. This curriculum is designed by CREYA LEARNING & RESEARCH, a leading research company in STEM education. It guides the students into inquiry,  dialogue and critical thinking.

Excellent steam Curriculam  school inEurode
Bezt nature feel school in Eurode
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Agastya Naturals

This is a student-led, school-enterprise model, where sustainable products are manufactured in the school. The students learn about the benefits of the products and prepare them from scratch with the help of the support staff. This enterprise models the real-world business model and form the basis of the Entrepreneur’s Internship at the Senior Secondary level.

Sports Academy

With the 30 Acre vast campus we are fortunate to give sports opportunities to the students that give them a platform to climb the competitive ladder in the sports world. This also acts as a facilitator in their personality development. Along with Football, Basketball, Badminton, and TT, the massive 400 m track and Athletics space give them the freedom to hone their skills.

Excellent feature  school in eurode
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Boarding Homes

Education at AGASTYA doesn’t finish in the classroom. Residential life is hugely influential in our students’ development – shaping their journey as they grow into confident individuals and global citizens. Our student homes provide the perfect environment for young people to live, learn and grow, within the beautiful surroundings of nature.

In the Lap of Nature

Nestled amid nature, Agastya allows the students to connect with nature and imbibe the essence of natural living. Away from the pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city (100 km from Coimbatore), this place is filled with peace and tranquillity. Agastyans grow up with pure air and organic food from the farm grounds of the school.

best school in lap nature
Excellent academic programs in Eurode
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Mindfulness is the awareness that occurs when you focus on the present and on the purpose of what you are doing. Agastya is replete with spaces that bring about mindfulness among students and teachers. Every member of the Agastya family practices mindfulness in every sphere of daily activity.

Experiential Learning

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


With a firm belief in the above quote, the teaching-learning process at Agastya involves learning by doing at every step. The educators spend a lot of time researching and designing activities that provide hands-on learning and develop student autonomy.

best school for Experiential Learning
best school for students learning
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Dynamic Classrooms

Our dynamic classrooms shift the focus away from the teacher and onto the students, naturally moving the emphasis from teaching to learning. In this type of classroom, the teacher encourages students to become actively involved through group activities, discussions, presentations, peer teaching, etc, in the process of learning. It’s an exciting place to be, with a real ‘buzz’ around learning.

Skill Based Learning

Equipping the students for a successful future, skill-based learning is incorporated at the stage of lesson planning itself. Every lesson is focused on the development of 21st-century skills like Communication,  Creativity,  Critical Thinking,  Collaboration etc.

Skill based school in Erode
Agastya Quest
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Agastya Quest

This is the signature event of Agastya, wherein the students lead the display of their innovations and ideations. The parents witness the creativity, communication, and organization skills of their little ones and feel proud of being a part of the Agastya Community. This event attracts visitors from across the town and even outside.

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