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Holi celebration at Agastya Academy!

Updated: 5 days ago

Holi Celabration

At Agastya Academy, Nature's vibrant palette bloomed as the spirit of Holi was celebrated in an eco-friendly manner. Children enthusiastically engaged in handcrafting Holi colours using natural ingredients such as Neem for greens, Turmeric for yellow, and Beets for red, adding a touch of authenticity to the festivities. The atmosphere filled with laughter and joy as tubs of these natural hues mixed with water adorned the place, promoting a safe and sustainable celebration. Amidst the colourful ambiance, children danced with boundless energy, spreading happiness and creating lasting memories. The event nurtured the essence of Holi celebrations, emphasizing creativity, and welcoming the season of spring. It was a delightful occasion where nature's hues blended beautifully with the enthusiasm of the children, creating cherished memories of a safe, eco-friendly Holi celebration!

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