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The Making of Agastya Academy's Annual Class Plays

Annual Class Plays

At Agastya Academy, the festive season took on a magical turn through our captivating annual class plays for UKG, Grade 1, 2, and 3. Every performance of the children showcased the true essence of creativity in its own unique and magical way.

They are not just performances; they are pedagogical dramas designed to serve a profound educational purpose. In the Waldorf tradition, these play a crucial role in the students' development, enhancing their skills, fostering a sense of interdependence, and igniting creativity through the medium of drama.

Ideation and Preparation

As teachers, our goal was to create a special and memorable experience for the children. The journey began with an idea for a musical play, carefully tailored for them. Crafting the scripts, we all pitched in to create dialogues, songs, and verses that would bring the stories to life.

Our preparations started in early November, as we involved the children gradually immersing them in the 7–8-page script over three weeks starting on day one; during our morning circle time. We began with a prayer and read the dialogues aloud, letting the children soak in the story without feeling pressured to memorize anything.

Unique Approach

To our surprise, by the third or fourth day, they were repeating and understanding the dialogues effortlessly. Every child became familiar with each role, whether it's portraying a tree, a snake, or the king, making it a truly collaborative effort. This unique approach minimizes stage fear and last-minute tensions, allowing the children to flow seamlessly into their performances.

Next, we added songs to the mix, and the children loved it. Some were great at dialogues, while others shone in singing, but with consistent practice, they got good at both. Every day, we went back to the parts we'd done before, slowly building up the entire play. Children embraced each practice session with enthusiasm, from collecting costume elements to joyfully singing play songs outdoors.

The thematic choices align with the emotional development of the children, such as the Grade 3 play centred around the concept of creation that resonates with their nine-year-old consciousness. As the class play day approached, the excitement grew. On December 22nd, witnessing the children adorned in costumes, radiating happiness, was truly a sight to behold; creating memorable experiences for both students and parents.

Highlighting Annual Class Plays

Tale of Sparrows and Tribes

Annual Class Plays

For our UKG children, the journey was one of unity and symbiosis, centred around the lives of tribal people and the sparrows in the forest. The narrative unfolded with tribes repairing their huts for the rainy season, encountering hungry sparrows in a surprising turn of events. The tribes' selfless assistance to the sparrows, especially during a threat to their nests, beautifully portrayed the symbiotic relationship between them.

The White Snake

Annual Class Plays

In our Grade 1 play, a magical story unfolds in a royal palace. The tale begins with a simple task of preparing a snake for the king, but takes an extraordinary turn when the servant discovers a newfound ability to hear animals. This sets off a brave journey filled with unexpected friendships.

The story includes a quest for a lost ring, granted by a grateful queen, and encounters with a golden fish, helpful ants, and hungry ravens. Accepting a royal challenge, the servant wins the princess's hand by retrieving the ring with the aid of a fish. Further trials involve millet seed, a Tree of Life, and a golden apple, each met with the servant's compassion and the support of magical creatures.

The story concludes with a heartwarming moment as the servant finds his bride through a mysterious transformation. This enchanting narrative beautifully showcases the creativity and dedication of our Grade 1 performers.

A Magical Christmas Tale

Annual Class Plays

Our Grade 2 children brought the Christmas magic alive in a special play. As the curtains rose, a shloka filled the air, setting the stage for a captivating journey. The play began with Gabriel appearing to Mother Mary, sharing the exciting news of baby Jesus' birth. The children, with a mesmerizing spiral walk, portrayed Mary and Joseph's journey to the Inn. The touching moment of no room at the Inn echoed as they found refuge in a humble stable.

The children then beautifully sang 'Long Time Ago in Bethlehem' as baby Jesus made his entrance. Transitioning to the second act, heavenly angels announced the birth to the shepherds. In a symbolic circle, the shepherds shared their amazement and reverently approached to worship the newborn. Meanwhile, wise men observed a special star, guiding them on a journey to Bethlehem. Their arrival marked a powerful conclusion as they knelt to worship baby Jesus. As the final scene unfolded, the children gathered to sing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas.' The joy continued with a lively dance to 'Jingle Bell Rock.' This magical play, skilfully depicted the birth of Jesus, starting with Mary's dream and concluding with a jubilant dance.

The Tale of Creation

Annual Class Plays

Our Grade 3 children brought The Creation Tale from ‘The Old Testament’ into life. The creation story unfolds over seven days in the book of Genesis. On the first day, God created light and separated it from darkness. On the second day, He formed the sky and separated the waters above from the waters below. On the third day, God gathered the waters to reveal dry land and created vegetation. The fourth day saw the creation of the sun, moon, and stars to govern day and night. On the fifth day, God filled the seas and skies with fish and birds, while on the sixth day, He crafted land animals and culminated His work by creating humanity in His own image. On the seventh day, God rested, consecrating it as a day of rest and reflection, thus completing the wondrous act of creation.

As we neared the end of the play, we realized we needed some extra magic. Our music teacher, Jordan, stepped in and added a beautiful touch with the song "All Things Bright and Beautiful" in his wonderful voice and accent as the children danced around.

To Conclude

Annual Class Plays

Parents were invited separately for each class, witnessing plays that last 15-20 minutes, each tailored to the developmental stage of the specific grade. Annual class plays performance evoked smiles of pride and joy on parents' faces. Despite initial challenges, the performance highlighted the children's remarkable ability to adapt and collaborate, creating a delightful experience.

Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our dear children for creating an extraordinary day. Your dedication and enthusiasm turned a simple play into a magical and memorable experience for all involved.

Grade 3 Class Teacher

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