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Approach on Students’ Emotional Well-being and career guidance at Agastya Academy

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

As the Vice Principal, I take pride in witnessing the positive impact of our approach on the students. Through a combination of Students’ emotional well-being and career guidance initiatives, we are nurturing minds, fostering dreams, and building a foundation for a brighter future.

Agastya Academy stands out as a beacon of support for middle and senior school students. Our commitment goes beyond academic excellence; we recognize the crucial role emotional health plays in a student's overall development.

Class Teachers as 24/7 Support

One of the pillars of our student support system is the continuous availability of our dedicated class teachers. Our students are encouraged to reach out directly to their class teachers for any issues they may be facing in their lives. This 24-hour service ensures that emotional and moral support is readily available to meet the needs of our students whenever they arise.

Circle Time Sessions

Every Saturday, we conduct circle time sessions specifically dedicated to addressing the welfare of our students. During these sessions, a chosen topic serves as a gateway for students to open up about their concerns. Our teachers initiate discussions by encouraging students to share whatever is on their minds. Each student is given their turn to talk, nurturing an environment where everyone's voice is heard. This platform allows students to express their thoughts, with our teachers providing support and solutions. For more personal matters, students are given the opportunity to discuss them privately.

Expert Guidance from Dr. Mrs. Nagapriya

In cases where student issues require more specialized attention, we offer intensive counselling sessions. Mrs. Nagapriya, our school counsellor, visits the school once every three weeks to engage in face-to-face discussions with troubled students. Unlike offering direct advice, Mrs. Nagapriya facilitates conversations to explore the underlying issues and collaboratively decide on the next steps or the best course of action.

Students' Emotional Well-being and career guidance

Career Guidance

At Agastya Academy, we prioritize personalized career guidance by identifying and nurturing students' individual interests. Teachers actively engage with students to understand their passions, providing tailored opportunities such as workshops and competitions. We've partnered with coaching academies for exams like NEET and JEE, offering additional support for specific career paths. Parents are kept informed, and with their consent, students receive targeted coaching. Through hands-on projects and collaborations, we ensure practical skill development. Our goal is to shape well-rounded individuals, empowering them to pursue meaningful and fulfilling careers.

In a recent excursion to Chennai's SAN Academy, students from Agastya Academy participated in various contests alongside city students. Despite the tough competition, our students excelled in several events, even securing victories in areas like ramp walk. This success was a reaffirmation of the effectiveness of our teaching methods.

In addition to these experiences, our school regularly hosts pep talks featuring notable entrepreneurs and business figures such as Karthi Eswaramoorthy of Kanavu Startup Village, Devarajan Chinnusamy from URC Construction and so many others. Their insights not only shed light on navigating life's complexities but also offered valuable career guidance.

Moreover, professionals specializing in group exam coaching have visited our school or conducted online sessions. These sessions focus on strategies for both academic and life success. Interestingly, these discussions have proven beneficial not only for students but also for parents, providing them with valuable insights.

Shaping Confident and Well-Rounded Individuals

For students seeking additional support, personalized one-on-one sessions are arranged. These sessions cover a range of topics, including study habits, academic strategies, and stress management techniques, tailored to each student's unique needs.

Acknowledging the importance of a respectful co-ed environment, we emphasize the need for maintaining healthy boundaries between male and female students. This ensures an inclusive atmosphere that promotes mutual respect and understanding.

Our overarching motto of the school in pursuing these sessions revolves around concepts such as "help to be helped," emotional support, guidance, enlightenment, self-help strategies, and stress management techniques. By addressing these aspects comprehensively, we aim to create an environment where students not only excel academically but also thrive emotionally and personally.

To conclude

Our unwavering commitment to student wellbeing stems from the belief that a supportive and nurturing environment is essential for all-inclusive development. We strive to empower our students to become responsible, well-rounded individuals, ready to face the future with confidence.

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